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3g helps make history in conjunction with Red Bull Stratos.


Roswell, NM The opportunity to be a part of history comes along infrequently and 3g was there every step of the way on Red Bull Stratos and Felix Baumgartner’s historic jump from 128,000 feet. 

3g was the Terrestrial RF provider for the Red Bull Stratos event, providing a wide array of custom designed solutions including multiple long haul HD microwave links, long haul RF data links, HD RF camera systems, helicopter Cineflex RF transmission systems, communications and audio systems.  The challenges were significant with a project the magnitude of Stratos.  Since this was a balloon flight, the balloon is driven by the winds aloft, 3g needed to be able to cover a lot of ground.  The area of coverage was a 120 mile radius around the city of Roswell.   The name of the game was redundancy, reliability and intelligent solutions to the design challenges as there was only one shot at getting it right.  

According to Gordon Capaccio, 3g Project Manager for Red Bull Stratos, “Red Bull Media House was outstanding to work with in every facet of this project, structuring the broadcast project so that there were logical building block steps along the way.  This enabled the broadcast team to learn and test during the build up to 128,000 feet, ensuring that each system was designed for success in its specific role.”

3g was recognized by Red Bull as a Global Supporter for their overall contributions to the Red Bull Stratos Project.  “Being named a Global Supporter was truly an honor” said Gordon Capaccio “We felt a strong connection to the team and project and were able to contribute in a number of ways beyond the bounds of our normal RF world.  It was a privilege to be a part of this historic project.”  

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