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HD Wireless (RF) Cameras

3g can put you in the middle of the action with the fastest, highest power and most reliable wireless systems available anywhere. Our systems will make you wonder why you would use wires anywhere.

Wireless Microphones

Now that you have the highest quality video available we can pair it with the cleanest wireless audio to match. 3G utilizes the industry leaders in wireless microphones: Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, and Quantumm.

Communications Systems

Broadcast venues are busy complicated places which need coordination and communication to keep the whole show moving forward. So if you need to keep in touch with everyone, 3g can provide:

  • High power RF PL’s
  • High power RF IFB’s
  • Low power (Studio type) RF PL’s and IFB’s

Point of View Cameras

Does your broadcast demand shots where it just isn’t possible to send a camera and operator? No problem 3g can help you get the shot that gets behind the scenes. We can provide HD or SD fixed or pan and tilt cameras for speed shots or any other application where it is difficult to put a large camera and operator. Don’t worry, all of our systems have remote control of all normal camera functions allowing you all of the flexibility you require.

On-Board Cameras

Do you feel the need to go 200 MPH around a high bank oval or be right there through every chicane of a road course? Our HD on-board camera systems put you inside. 

Fixed Microwave Linking

Do you want to follow a marathon, the peloton or an America’s Cup Yacht? We deliver the goods. This is where our smart people prove just how talented they really are. We are the World leaders in providing fixed microwave linking. Our systems are proven in the most demanding of environments. From the 14,000 foot peaks of Colorado to the angriest days on the sea. Imagine getting studio HD quality video and audio from three motorcycles, one helicopter and one fixed wing aircraft and oh yeah, they are all 90 miles away, at 14,000 feet and it’s snowing. No matter the challenge we get you the shots. We are the only company that can provide up to sixteen sources of video or audio over one link, that’s twice as many as the competition. Our digital Microwave fixed linking allows video, audio, comms and data to be sent bi-directionally from Point A to Point B. This allows you to get your road event on air. We get the video and audio collected at a remote receive site say on a rooftop or on a mountain and send it down to a production vehicle at the finish line. At the Valencia America’s the South Race Course was 8 miles from the production venue, so a double hop link was employed to send video and audio from the South Receive site to the production venue. Other companies simply can’t match our experience and expertise.

Camera Control

3G has many years developing a robust camera control system that can be applied to most models of camera in the market today. This system enables the remote control of iris, color balance, filter wheels and other camera parameters back in the production vehicle, while the camera is in some cases, many miles away. This system ensures that the cameras in a production are adjusted to the exact color balance that a video operator requires of them.

BBC, PBS Achieve RF Glory With ‘Big Blue Live’


BBC, PBS Achieve RF Glory With €˜Big Blue Live
By Brandon Costa on October 7, 2015

Big Blue Live, a nature-documentary collaboration of PBS and the BBC, captured the imagination of many Americans last month, taking viewers on a three-day journey through the rejuvenation of Monterey Bay, CA a site where marine creatures now thrive in a once-endangered ecosystem. It was an uplifting tale that brought majestic images of migrating whales, sharks. and, birds together with adorable close-ups of sea otters and sea lions. It was an achievement in live television production, and its success has both broadcast entities already drawing up plans to work together on future projects.